Sunday, July 26, 2009

Annette and Babyboo

I'm swatching up some black Babyboo for a new short-sleeved, lacy cardigan called Annette.
You can find it free on at

I'm still fiddling with it to get gauge. I want it longer, though. I just don't understand why so many of the designers think that everyone like sweaters that come up over the navel. I know it uses less yarn, but still. I like long ones that don't ride up so much.
Being long-waisted already, and being a large woman, I have to add at least 1.5 inches to most patterns, and probably 2.5 inches to this pattern. That's at least an extra ball of yarn. I really like this bamboo & nylon yarn in the Fishnet pattern I'm using for the gauge. It's soooo soft, but not squirmy to work with.
Friday, we got in some Panda Silk and Cotton Chenille from Crystal Palace. Also, a selection of bamboo crochet hooks and straight needles. Pretty nice. I love both yarns that came in and look forward to making some Christmas gifts out of them soon. Right now, I need to make samples for the shop and librarian clothes for the fall.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grand Opening!!!

Tomorrow is the big day.
We've had the store open for 2 days and a hardy few customers and friends have come by. They've kept me company, cleaned, tagged, framed, and some have even purchased items.

We've had a few issues......It's been really, really hot outside, but the thermal curtains have helped. I wasn't able to get the big sign done this week, but if you see the $1.50 Dry Cleaners, we are next door.

At 10 am tomorrow, we will cut the red ribbon and have the first drawing for a prize. Anyone who has come by to visit or purchase gets to put their name in the basket, so you never know when something great might happen!

It's late and I need to go home, but keep your eyes on our new blog. Monica, the teacher of all, will also be a moderator of this blog.
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